How exciting - you're commissioning me to create your dream painting. I can't wait to get started!

I am always available for commissions, but I recommend emailing me before you purchase this listing, so that we can talk about scheduling and painting completion times:

lara @ forestandfin.com

How it works:

I love to paint plants, animals, and landscapes. Hopefully you've taken a look at my other work and already have an idea of my style and what to expect in terms of look. This listing is for an acrylic painting on wood panel or on canvas. I don't do portraits (so no people please, unless they are part of the background), and I don't work in oils.

It works best if you pick either the subject matter or the dominant colors and the mood. I usually work from photographs that I take, but if you have one you would like me to work from (only photos that are yours or you own the rights to please), send it on over. Or, if you have a space in mind or a specific room you are planning to hang your painting in, you can tell me the color scheme, and I will make a painting to match.

Sizes + Payment:

There is a NON-REFUNDABLE 50% deposit on all sizes, which you can purchase with this listing. That covers the cost of materials, initial prep time, and a portion of the labor for the project. The remaining balance plus shipping costs will be due upon completion either upon delivery or prior to shipment.

  • 10x10   $125
  • 12x12   $180
  • 11x14   $192
  • 12x16   $240
  • 14x14   $245
  • 14x18   $315
  • 16x20   $400
  • 18x18   $405
  • 20x20   $500
  • 18x24   $540

Larger sizes can be made available as well - email me about custom sizes and pricing.

Commissions are very much about communication. I want to create that perfect painting for you, which means that I need your help, so please expect an email from me and be ready to describe what you have in mind.