Autumn in Georgia, the Best Time for a Paddle / by Lara Neece

There is seriously no better way to unplug than to hit the water. It alters your sense of reality in the best way possible and let's face it, chances of you checking your phone when there is a high probability of it falling into a creek are pretty slim. Brian and I bought kayaks this summer, but due to travel and unfortunate circumstances involving our jeep (which we had to replace), we've hardly been able to use them. Lucky for us, we live in Georgia and fall is the absolute best time to go for a paddle. The humidity is down, there are fewer bugs, and the temperature is just right. :)

As part of our Earth/Life Balance, we try to go for at least a good long walk (usually 3 miles) outside every evening after work. But on days when we have a little more time or the ability to free up our schedule, we are more than happy to throw the kayaks on the roof and head out to the islands instead. Here are some shots from our recent afternoon paddle out at Skidaway Island. I got some great pictures and plan to make at least one painting from the photos I took!