A Lifelong Endeavor / by Lara Neece


Hi all!

It's Lara. This is going to be my place for updates on upcoming shows, new paintings, inspiration, and maybe even a few herbal tea facts and recipes too (just for fun!). You can subscribe to my rss feed to receive the latest tidbits regarding my art and weekly painting inspiration. Or if you'd rather just hear about upcoming shows, you can sign up for my newsletter on the contact page. While I can't say for certain at this point how many newsletters I'll be sending out in a given year, I can imagine that it will be somewhere between 2-4 per year. Newsletters will most likely coincide with updates about upcoming shows or other big news.

Being a self-taught artist, I still consider myself a student, and I think that's a good thing. I know that art is a life-long endeavor for me, no matter how many shows I participate in or the number of paintings I make in any given year. It's about learning, growth, and finding my voice. These are topics that will most likely appear often in my blogs. I hope you'll join me in finding weekly inspiration, expressing that beauty, and telling a story.

I am looking forward to sharing this journey with you!