My Inspiration: A Night on the Alligator River / by Lara Neece

Most of my paintings are inspired either directly or in some part by the time I spent living on a sailboat. I saw so many amazing things during that time, and I think in many ways, I am reliving them when I make paintings of things that I saw or experienced. In October I am participating in a group show at the Pea Island/Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center in Manteo, NC. The show coincides with the fall Wings over Water festival, which includes guided birding trips, art & photography workshops, tours of the refuge, kayak trips, and other events. I'm so excited to be sharing my work in such a beautiful and significant place.

When Brian and I traveled along the ICW, the Alligator River was one of my favorite places to anchor. We stopped there twice - once on the way north and again on the way south. Our stay during our trip south was especially memorable because we had a perfect view of the sunset on a night when the full moon was rising. We watched the setting sun fall below the horizon, while behind us the moon rose; and in the morning we watched the moon set as the sun rose before us. It was an incredible experience that I will never forget and look forward to the next opportunity we have to spend in that amazing place as well as this chance to share those experiences with visitors to the refuge.